GRAD PROJECT || 2012 || video installation || 16min

What makes us ‘us’ in this self-aware, mirrored culture? Is there a difference in our behaviour when we think we are being watched vs when we think we aren’t? In my graduation project, I wanted to delve into the fascinating world of human behaviour. Using a camera as my supposed recording device and the shutter as the activator for their behaviour, I invited people into a space and time where they were their only companion. There were no rules, no instruction, only their assumed image of themselves and a video camera recording their every move. What happens between the shots? How do we prepare for the next one?
THIS IS MY DOCUMENTARY || 2011 || video || 3:21min

YouTube provides us with an ever-growing amount of entertainment and when we pick the right videos, we have in our hands, what I like to call, ‘My Documentary’.
POPCORN || 2011 || video || 1:09min

Popcorn was born from taking elements of the Circus scene from ‘Big Fish’ and making our interpretation of it. Our dreams are ephemeral though they seem long-lasting when they allow us to enter into the worlds unknown and unexplored. In collaboration with Barbara Ipsics.
JOURNEY || 2009 || video, manipulated 16mm film || 1:03min

A tactile visual experiment with recycled 16mm film. Manual manipulation and editing.
TRANSLATION? || 2009 || video || 5:00min

Roughly 80% of the way we communicate is non-verbal. So, what is our language worth? How much meaning do our words hold? How much do we really need to verbally understand in order to understand?